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The Thea Campbell Mystery Series

                  Death By A Dark Horse
                        Levels Of Deception
                                An Error In Judgment
                                                    Shooting To Kill 

The series begins in the picturesque town of Snohomish, Washington. Thea Campbell enjoys a quiet life running her accounting business, riding her horse Blackie and being close to family and friends until …

Blackie is stolen.

The thief is found murdered.

And the sheriff believes Thea is involved. Bad news for Thea -- he's not the only one who thinks so. Intimidating people with little regard for due process are showing up on her doorstep looking to even the score. Spurred to clear herself Thea investigates, assisted by her flighty sister, her great aunt who believes Blackie is psychic and a friend who knows more than she should. Despite the calculated and deliberate distraction by a sexy geology professor who stirs up more than dust, Thea uncovers clues to the killer's identity.

But Thea is wrong.

As close to dead wrong as she ever wishes to get.

Now her life has changed forever.


What people are saying about

Death By A Dark Horse


This is Susan Schreyer's debut mystery, and she can't write another one fast enough to suit me.  The pace is fast and engaging, the characters believable.  -- Booksie's Blog


The story will keep you guessing from the beginning to the end!  It's a total page-turner. -- Conversations with Self


[Death by A Dark Horse is] fast-paced and entertaining, and most importantly for a murder mystery, the resolution isn’t predictable: the identity of the killer was certainly a ‘dark horse’ that took me by surprise. -- Quills and Zebras


A nail-biting, funny, fast-paced read! Susan Schreyer's love of horses shines on the page. The mystery kept me guessing, and the extra touch of romance made the whole story even richer and more entertaining. I recommend buying this book, and then locking yourself up in your bedroom with it and enough food and drink to get you through to the end! -- Ann Charles, author of Nearly Departed in Deadwood 



If you love mysteries that don't susbtitute gory and horrid details for story, and ones where clues and characters are most important, you'll certainly enjoy Death By a Dark Horse. For those who love horses, the setting is a definite bonus. -- Bernadine Fagan, author of Murder by the Old Maine Stream

What people are saying about

Levels Of Deception


The second book in Schreyer's series is as fast-paced as her first, loaded with smart, funny dialogue and clever twists and turns. Her characters are fully developed and her writing is both fresh and facile. I was kept guessing until the very end. -- MK Windham



Wow! Ms. Schreyer has another hit on her hands, one with multi-layered characters and a tension-filled plot that will keep you turning the pages until the very end. There is enough danger and uncertainty to keep you on the edge of your seat, especially when Thea tries to get a clearer picture of what's going on with her boyfriend Paul, who has been accused of theft and worse, murder. -- Bernadine Fagan, author of Murder by the Old Maine Stream


In Levels of Deception, Schreyer has kept the interwoven plot lines, surprise twists, well-rounded characters and realistic dialogue that so entertained us in the first book of the series, but she's made some changes as well. There's less horse-riding and more romantic drama, meaning that Levels of Deception is likely to have wider appeal than its prequel. 

In sum, if you're looking for a cozy murder-mystery with nail-biting romantic drama, this is the book for you. -- A.M. Harte


Thea is stubborn, and like a lot of cozy heroines, frequently shoots her romantic relationship in the foot. But she's an entrancing and honest first-person sleuth. A domineering mother and her sister's wedding plans add a few nice complications to this already twisted plot. Cheers for Susan Schreyer on her second novel. Can't wait for more in this series, because now I've gotten to know and like Thea a lot. -- J. Alter

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